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Welcome to the new site!

Hello there! 😎

My name's Channing and I am a member of the ACSD and a South Jersey resident, through-and-through, and I am the web admin & developer for our new site.

I am responsible for the redesign of our new website, as well as maintenance of content and updates on the website. Every page has been transcribed, converted, copied over, and such by myself from the old ACSD website to preserve the text and history.

From here on out, you will see modern improvements and new ways of keeping informed.

You will see some blog posts from the president, some from myself, some from other staff, etc. That will be shown by the author of the post, and the date.

Please keep in mind this place is still under construction,

and I am open to feedback!

Have ideas, concerns, or found bugs & issues?

Please contact us at or visit our contact page.


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